What is Bistronomy?

That’s a great question!  Bistronomy is a term that originated in the 90’s to describe a movement in Paris.

Many creative and talented chef’s were getting burned out, no pun intended, by the quest for the almighty stars.  The michelin stars of course! Michelin restaurants provide a gastronomic experience I like to call haute cuisine.  Offering extraordinary flavor combinations, gorgeous plates, impeccable service in an environment that can only be described as stuffy, all at absurd prices.


Reaching for a michelin star is beyond good cooking. It’s striving for something intangible requiring a level of perfectionism that can take a toll on a chef.

A simple question was raised.  Can we combine the convivial atmosphere of a bistro with an expert gastronomic experience?   The answer was a resounding yes.


In the beginning this Bistronomy movement was seen as a cowards way out.  These chef’s could not handle the heat so they bailed on the dream.  But the truth is, there was a real desire to provide expertly cooked food in a fun and relaxed environment at prices people could actually afford.

I am happy to report that this new brand of bistro has transformed the restaurant scene in Paris. Good food at affordable prices abound!

Join me for BISTRONOMY, a one day workshop where we will not only discuss this movement we will cook and taste it too!  There are only a few seats left at the table! Email lorie@atasteofparis.net or call 214 551 9630

Au revoir for now!  Lorie

French Bistronomy Workshop- Friday November 17th 10:00-2:30 Join me for a truly unique culinary event.  Immerse yourself in the food and culture of France in this 1 day workshop.  We will work side by side to prepare mouthwatering bistronomy dishes designed to amaze our palate. We will dine together for a true French experience.  Wines will be served along with a cheese course.  Many French cooking techniques will be taught. This is a lot of food so guest will be welcome to take home part of the meal home if they choose. Our 7 course feast will begin with French Cocktails; a trio of goodies will be served along with my favorite bubbles for a festive start to our day.  Together we will prepare the cocktail offering including individual Beef Wellington Tarts, Gruyere Cheese Straws and Peppered Cashews.  We will continue our fun with a rich vibrate Red Pepper Soup topped with crème fraiche.  In true French fashion a fish course is next.  Herbed risotto with pan seared scallops will delight your taste buds.  Assorted nuts, seeds and figs come together in a salad that illuminates fall and refreshes our pallet.     The irresistible main course is Chicken Roulade stuffed with fall vegetables and served white wine Veloute Sauce over Golden Luxe Potatoes.  Next I’ll serve a bright assortment of cheeses followed by Luscious Vanilla Lavender Soufflés.  You will take home Breakfast for TWO, Quiche Lorraine and a little surprise! Class fee $89.00 Class size limited to 10

For a complete list of classes this season CLICK HERE

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    1. Francis Richer

      So Brendan we see that you are an english language expert.
      Tell us Sheridan the difference between a Hollandaise and bearnaise sauce. no cheating. I would not want you in my class; imagine if I cracked an egg the wrong way. Preparation of food not language.

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