Springtime in Paris 2017 part 1

Springtime in Paris is glorious.  

I have just returned from 3 fantastic weeks in France.  The first week was spent in Paris with my darling group, ATOP April 2017!

Late April is my favorite time in Paris but let’s face it, what Audrey Hepburn once said is true, “Paris is always a good Idea”

I love this image of our little group “feet in” at ground zero.

We did so many things in our time together but of course with me and A Taste Of Paris, food is always the focus.  Here we are preparing a 5 course French meal after shopping the market for ingredients.  

The Berries were amazing, I could not get enough!

In the neighborhood markets you will find produce that is locally grown and seasonal.  After a long winter the French are craving sweet juicy fruits and fresh from the fields spring vegetables.

Taking a cooking class at Le Cordon Bleu is always a bucket list item for many of my travelers.

Our chef is preparing  a first and last course souffle and the show stopper, a Provencal tart that I will not soon forget, in fact, it will be on the menu in my next French workshop scheduled for February!

If you know me well, you understand that delicate French pastries are my kryptonite.  Our third class for the week was preparing the famed Viennoiserie dough to create these delectable treats.


Of course on ATOP trips, in addition to food, fun is always on the agenda! Aren’t they adorable?

A chance to reconnect with old friends…

and make new ones!

Tomorrow I will be posting Springtime in Paris 2017 part 2.  I hope you will tune back in for a look at some of the gardens, sites and museums we visited and of course more food and fun!

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