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Cooking a French meal does not have to be difficult.  I was interviewed for an article called Bring Some France To Your Texas Table in the September issue of Texas Living, in which we discuss how to simply recreate amazing French food.

Sole Meuniere is a classic dish, often found as the plat du jour in a typical French Bistro. The delicate white fish is cooked in lemon and butter and generally served alongside one of my favorites, ratatouille.  When you choose fresh quality ingredients, making a meal that dances on the pallet is easy.

Choosing fish is fun at the French market. Choosing fish is fun at the French market.

When choosing a fish for Sole Meuniere, you can really use any whitefish including halibut or cod.  I prefer my fish to be wild caught if possible.  To insure freshness, buy flash frozen from a reputable market or ask the fishmonger what came in that morning.  Fish should be firm to the touch and have no fishy smell.

I hope you will prepare a dinner to remember for your family tonight and join me for a Cooking Class this fall!

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Sole Meuniere

1 ½ pounds white fish fillets such as sole or cod

2 tablespoon flour

3 tablespoons butter

The juice of 1 lemon

1 teaspoon parsley

Salt and pepper

Salt and pepper fish and dredge it in flour.  Melt butter in a chef’s pan set over medium heat.  Add fish to pan and cook for 3-4 minutes before flipping fish to cook on other side.  Cook for another 4 minutes or until fish is flaky.  Remove fish from pan; add lemon juice to deglaze the brown bits.  Add parsley and pour butter sauce over fish.

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